FERAL: Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning

Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning

Bangalore Office

Our office is located in the once outskirts of Bangalore town, at JP Nagar 2nd Phase. Thankfully, this place still retains some of the old Bangalore quiet and greenry.

We decided to locate the Bangalore office in the southern part of the city for a number of reasons. There is a whole bunch of conservation research organisations located in the North End of Bangalore, and given the nature of the conservation community, it implies we will always have a desk to work at or even a place to crash if we go there. Now we can return the favour! Being in south Bangalore also cuts down our travel time to our field stations. We can get out of the city traffic within 15 minutes and be on our way to the Nilgiris or Periyar (if we leave early enough). This office is also much closer to the residences of a number of our team members.

Anwhere between 5 and 15 people occupy this office at any given time. Being in a large city, the office complements our rustic campus in Tamil Nadu in terms of connectivity, infrastructure and access to other scientists in the field. As a result a lot of us converge here for heavy duty computing, internet useage and analysis of complicated or large datasets. A small guest room in the office and proximity to numerous low-cost guest houses makes it convenient for both short and longer term stays as well.


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