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Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning

Building coastal resilience in south & southeast Asia through mangrove restoration for risk reduction


In March, 2015, a consortium of which FERAL is a member, was selected as a challenge finalist in the Global Resilience Challenge Partnership Award. This was a collaborative effort led by Dr.Mike Beck of the The Nature Conservancy and Jane Carter Ingram from Wildlife Conservation Society of the USA. The initial grant was given to facilitate different teams to prepare a larger proposal for the award.

FERAL's contribution towards this was to develop a better understanding of the successes and failures of mangrove restoration efforts across India. We initiated a number of short field based studies across the country to help compile a report on experiences of groups involved in mangrove restoration.


The team was a finalist in the challenge but failed to win the challenge. However we have, in the process, put together a strong proposal which will be pursued for funding, either within the GRPC call or elsewhere.

Background research done in preparation of the proposal has provided us with useful insights into the challenges and opportunities for mangrove restoration in India and how the challenges can be overcome using modern tools and technologies combined with old fashioned community mobilisation and action research.


Project Information


R.S. Bhalla
Principal Investigator

Project Information

Budget: $ 15,204
Project Area: Coastal areas of India

Duration: March, 2015 to July, 2015

Funding Agencies

Rockefeller Foundation and USAID - USA via the Nature Conservancy USA

Partner Institutes

  • The Nature Conservancy - USA Project Lead
  • Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) ­ USA Project Co-lead


Project Images

What makes mangrove restoration work?An aquculture farm amongst in what was once a mangrove habitat.Fisherfolk in the Pechavaram mangroves.
FERAL - once wild, runs wild again.