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Functional connectivity for large mammals in the southern western ghats



Large mammal populations in the Periyar and Agasthyamalai reserves of the Western Ghats, India were once contiguous, but are now isolated by a mosaic of human-impacted habitat and linear barriers. Restoration of movement is essential to buffer their populations from demographic stochasticity and loss of genetic diversity. Past projects by FERAL have identified a 185 km2 linkage zone where movement corridors can potentially be restored. However, the precise locations, optimal habitat compositions, and conflict management strategies for small-scale movement corridors through this human-dominated linkage are unknown. We will quantify large mammal habitat preferences at a fine scale, and hence a) identify optimal corridor locations; b) identify the factors that influence animal use of a site. Study results will help in restoration of corridors and in mitigating human wildlife conflict in this landscape.


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Principal Investigator
Srinivas Vaidyanathan

Project Information

Budget: $ 65,810

Duration: May, 2011 to October, 2013

Funding Agencies

U.S.Fish and Wild Life Service USA, Wildlife Conservation Society

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