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Grassland and habitat mapping study, Pakke Tiger Reserve


Wildlife management often involves the management of their habitats. For an effective wildlife management it is important to understand different natural environments available for different species of flora and fauna in a protected area. In this study we used GIS tools and remotely sensed information along with field data to map different habitats (land cover types) available in the Pakke Tiger Reserve (PTR), Arunachal Pradesh. We also looked at changes in land-cover types over the years as a response to protection measures undertaken in the protected area. We developed fire frequency maps for the reserve which provide crucial information on the areas that are susceptible to fire, and where more resources are required during fire-prone seasons to manage fire. This mapping exercise forms a part of the larger study looking at habitat characteristics and distribution in PTR. 

  • Map distribution of different habitats in Pakke Tiger Reserve.
  • Determine changes in land cover type over the last decade.
  • Develop fire frequency and distribution maps
  • We developed map showing distribution of different habitats in the PTR which can be used in management plans. We also determined changes in vegetation cover over the last 14 years, between 2002 and 2014, which shows a response of vegetation to protection measures undertaken in the reserve. Fire frequency and distribution maps developed helps in allocating resources efficiently for fire management in the reserve.
  • Maps under four different themes; Habitat Maps, Change in land cover maps, Fire frequency and distribution maps, were provided to the director Pakke Tiger Reserve and Arunachal Pradesh forest department.
  • A general map showing key areas, streams, villages, anti-poaching camps were provided to the forest department.
  • A report was submitted to the Divisional Forest Officer, PTR and Arunachal Pradesh forest department as an outcome¬†


Land cover changes in PTR between 2002 and 2014.
Project Information


Rajat Ramakant Nayak
Principal Investigator
Srinivas Vaidyanathan

Project Information

Budget: $ 650
Project Area: Pakke Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh

Duration: June, 2014 to August, 2014

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Funding Agencies

Arunachal Pradesh Forest Department, Pakke Tiger Reserve

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