FERAL: Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning

Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning


The aims and objectives of the Learning programme are:

  1. To build capacities and impart relevant skill training to stakeholders and participants in our projects.
  2. To supplement school education through short hands on workshops and seminars.
  3. To run introductory courses, workshops and seminars in quantitative tools and techniques such as field methods, GIS, GPS and remote sensing and statistical analysis so that,
    1. organisations and individuals involved in development, conservation and natural resources management are able to use these in their line of work and
    2. we fill in gaps in graduate and post graduate syllabi which are often too narrowly focussed and fail to cover these important and multidisciplinary areas.
  4. To teach formal courses to both Indian and foreign students as part of our educational mandate.


Ongoing Projects


Single Programme Images

All OK signals a student during the open water diving, which is part of the semester long course in marine sciences., The kitchen and 'bunker' building as we call it, just after construction., The kitchen in a more recent photograph., Inside the 'bunker' building - during the field hydrology workshop., A workshop on GIS underway at the campus., A painted stork at Ousteri lake at Pondicherry - clicked during the GBBC event in Feb, 2016.
FERAL - once wild, runs wild again.