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Participatory GIS Workshop

This two day workshop meant for civil society organisations and development professionals involved in water, sanitation and health (WASH). Participants will learn to use rapid street mapping with village residents in conjunction with smart phone based spatially explicit data collection (using ODK). Data generated will be combined with background layers and visualised on Quantum GIS. The workshop will cover mapping of "hot spots" in solid and liquid waste disposal as well as water supply and sanitation infrastructure.The workshop is free and is being held as part of the Swachhta Pakhwada initiative of the Govt. of India. Note: Participants will have to cover their own costs of travel and stay. Interested persons may apply online on this site. We will contact the selected participants.

This workshop is based on a very simple premise: the accurate mapping of water supply and sanitation infrastrucure and hot spots of solid and liquid waste accumulation can be used to develop a strategy for cleaning and managing our surroundings. We propose to introduce some simple, hands-on technologies and participatory techniques to build such maps. This two day workshop will require participants to bring their own lap tops and a relatively new model of an Android smart-phone. This hardware needs to meet the following requirements:

  1. Laptops need to have a new version of Quantum GISĀ  <http://qgis.org> and
  2. Smart phones need to have the latest version of the Open Data Kit Collect package installed <https://opendatakit.org/downloads/>

We will be using the QgisODK plugin in QGIS, a tutorial for which is provided by the developer here.

Steps to design a form - day 1 of the workshop.
Participants of the workshop.
Lab session, day 2.
Another view of the lab session.
Event Information


R.S. Bhalla
Senior Fellow
Kumaran K
Jr. Research Fellow
Saravanan S
Field Coordinator

Event Details

Date: 10th Nov 2017 to 11th Nov 2017
Venue: FERAL Campus
Number of Participants: 15

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