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Point Calimere


 The Tamilnadu Forest Department funded a shortterm study of Point Calimere Sanctuary, near Nagapattinam. The study attempts to prepare a land cover  map of the sanctuary area and its surroundings using  available satellite imagery, carry out profiles of salinity and pH of water over the area and correlate this  to habitat usage by birds, look at different vegetation  communities and identify changes invitation health,  with specific reference to problems caused by the  invasive Prosopis juliflora.
Additionally the study will provide a checklist of flora  and fauna with pictures, determine the effect of cattle  grazing on the vegetative health of and black-buck  and finally conduct a socio-economic survey in the  human habitation around the park to assess levels of  dependence upon it.


Project Information


Rauf Ali
Principal Investigator

Project Information

Budget: ₹ 150,000
Project Area: Point Calimere Sanctuary

Duration: January, 2005 to April, 2005

Funding Agencies

Tamil Nadu Forest Department

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