FERAL: Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning

Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning

Research Study to Identify Optimal Planning Areas for Restoration of Green Areas on Tamil Nadu Coast


A rapid survey and GIS mapping was carried for the Eco-restoration sub-project of the Auroville Tsunami Project. Seven villages along the coast north of Pondicherry were surveyed. Villages were mapped using a GPS and participatory mapping tools. Tsunami related features such as temporary shelter locations, major structures in the village damaged and the tsunami line were mapped. The main focus of the study was to see if communities were willing to plant trees, water and protect them and if common areas were available for such planting. Areas identified for planting were thus also mapped using a GPS.

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Project Information

Budget: ₹ 101,600

Duration: December, 2005 to December, 2006

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Auroville Tsunami Project Tamil Nadu

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