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Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning

Sustainable Development in India


A collaboration with the Keystone Study  Away Consortium (KSAC) in August 2011  saw the beginning of the fall semester as  part of the study abroad student program  that FERAL coordinates every year. This  is a cultural and social semester focussing  on Sustainable Development in India with  the following courses:

a) Sustainable Resource Management
b) Culture, Class and Gender
c) Heart of India
d) Art as Sustainable Development
e) Optional: Islands and Reefs

    The overall organization of the program  allows students to see for themselves  some of the places and organizations that  shape contemporary India’s views not only  in science but also on social issues. They are also provided a historical perspective  and hear about current debates which  will help them understand these from the  larger Asian or global perspective.


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Keystone Study Abroad Consortium - USA

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