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Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning

Technology Application and Capacity Building in Natural Resource Based Income Generation


The original goals of the project were to find ways by which locally available natural resources could be used by women to generate income. Both individual and collective projects were envisaged. However the review panel of the funding agency truncated the objectives substantially, limiting them to the rearing of ornamental fish and hosehold kitchen gardens.


This project was completed successfully in 2009.The kitchen gardens performed well and some members expanded their activities to take up vermi-composting and simple composting. Produce from the gardens was used by each family. Wherever space was limiting, the methods of 3-D gardening was introduced. This concept of gardening is to create a three dimensional space for growing of herbs, small shrubs and creepers. Micro-irrigation through the bucket and drum kits was also introduced to improve water efficiency. The initial kits were sourced through IDE (India) and were later fabricated in-situ.The small scale ornamental fish rearing continued with the initial set of women. It was not possible to expand the number of tanks due to lack of space in most households. Growing some varieties of ornamental plants in small cement tanks was experimented with and the best results were obtained with Phystia rosetti which required very little maintenance. Additional fish species such as the pineapple guppies were also introduced. All women began to make fish feed at home using the simple recipe provided by IRTC and on which they had received training, bringing down the costs of fish feed substantially.



Project Information


Anupama Pai
Principal Investigator

Project Information

Budget: ₹ 809,050
Project Area: Villupuram Dt. Tamil Nadu

Duration: February, 2006 to February, 2009

Funding Agencies

Science & Society Division Department of Science & Technology New Delhi

Project Images

A trip to a model kitchen garden.Young saplings protected from the harsh sunligh using a shade net.
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