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Tree Planting Support in Tsunami hit Villages


Coastal belt plantations are a natural barrier to high winds and waves. They hold down soil and sand and therefore play significant roles in it conservation. Vegetative shelterbelts are known to act as windbreaks and probably save lives and property during cyclones which occur frequently on the Coramandel coast. In an effort to re-build coastal shelter belts, EXNORA, Chennai decided to undertake small plantations of appropriate species in selected villages. FERAL and Shakti, Auroville provided technical support for this project. Three villages, Vangiri, Poompuhar and Thirumullaivasal were selected after surveys in a total of five villages in the area. FERAL provided planning and monitoring support and managed the logistics of transport and planting of the saplings.


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Budget: ₹ 361,745

Duration: January, 2005 to December, 2006

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EXNORA, Chennai

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