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From Tsunami to Virgin Coconut Oil


Continuing from the earlier efforts in establishing a commercially viable coconut oil industry among Nicobari tribal women, arrangements were made for a tribal businessman in Car Nicobar to purchase and supply oil. One instalment of 200 litres was received. However there were problems in arranging barrels to supply larger quantities, and barrels sourced in the islands were found to be substandard. There was no action on the part of this businessman to obtain barrels from elsewhere, and finally an entrepreneur from Port Blair stepped in.


A private limited company has been set up, which will buy the nuts from Nicobaris at more than the Minimum Support price. This will be converted by the company into VCO, shipped to mainland India, and then marketed. Rs. 5 lakh in capital was contributed to this venture from private sources. With this the St. Andrews-VCO project is at an end. While the manufacturing by women did not take off, the project has achieved one of its major goals of ensuring that at least the min- imum support price for coconuts was paid, with other manufacturers having to follow suit.



Project Information


Rauf Ali
Principal Investigator, Senior Scientist

Project Information

Budget: ₹ 1,160,000

Duration: July, 2012 to November, 2015

Funding Agencies

St.Andrews Prize for the Environment

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