What are the benefits of using eco-certified rubber?

Meet CSR goals and inspire consumer confidence.
By switching to certified products, your company demonstrates a commitment to improve the natural habitat in the area — in this case an area of rich biodiversity of global importance.

Work through differences in government regulation and lack of enforcement.
Regardless of the strength of the law or enforcement in an area, participating in this system means you are procuring from a business that is voluntarily complying with and being held accountable for a set of rigorous, international environmental and social standards.

Ensure a long-term supply of high quality rubber.   
Monoculture plantations that douse their fields with chemicals and have little to no plant diversity are extremely vulnerable to the impacts of  soil erosion and nutrient loss. Rubber plantations cannot operate without healthy soil. When farmers get certified and improve their land management practices, they are helping their soil recover and rehabilitate. Improved working conditions and community relations also help to ensure long-term success of the farm. This ensures stability in both land and operations, resulting in a steady supply of high quality rubber.