What is eco-certified rubber?

Nowadays, companies like yours examine their social and environmental impacts, and set corporate responsibility goals to reduce these impacts, all the while enhancing prestige and fostering customer loyalty. Though often overlooked, the supply chain represents an  important opportunity to meet CSR goals. By procuring rubber certified by a third party (such as the FSC or SAN, which works with the Rainforest Alliance,) you are ensuring that your rubber supplies come from a source that meets high international standards and enhances, rather than harms, livelihoods and the environment.

What is third-party certification?
A collaboration between various sectors, including industry, agriculture and NGOs,  which establish a voluntary set of farm standards that  improve management practices, conserve resources and improve working conditions —  while also recognizing the farms’ need to sustain yield levels.

Look for the seal…


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Rainforest Alliance are internationally known bodies who

certify thousands of farm operations and farmer groups around the world.

Products that meet these standards get the above eco-labels

By getting certified, farmers:

•  Increase the efficiency of their operation
•  Conserve water resources
•  Revitalize their soil to ensure healthy, long-term yields
•  Pay reasonable wages
•  Ensure the safety of their workers
•  Implement plans to protect and conserve biodiversity